What is GOD for you?

When I grew up I used to believe that God was something that existed outside of us, something we could turn to and ask for help or guidance. A while back my boyfriend asked me if I believed in god, and I answered; for me God is love. And love is something we all have within us. We are born with it and the knowledge that it exists, but with time we tend to forget. We forget who we are. I also believe that we are all connected. That we have the capacity to feel for and with one another. I believe that when listening inwards, and asking ourselves for guidance, an answer will apear, and the answer comes from the love within us all. Listen. 

I must recommend Oprahs show when she is interviewing Panache Desai. He speaks of our energy, that this is what we are at the core and that God is love. He also says, that a definition of God is not possible because every word that he would use, would diminish what God is. 

He made me cry. What Pananche speaks of resonates with me as well and is true for me. What is it for you? 

Listen and feel with what he says.