What I learned from my 21-day yoga & meditation challenge

After having done yoga and meditating daily for 21-days something became very clear to me. I can’t expect to feel the benefits of meditation and yoga if I don’t take time to practice it. For me, the positive feelings and the sense of inner calm arises from the practice itself. By practicing yoga I don’t need to remind myself to be present during the day, it is a natural benefit.

During my 21-day challenge I started to read Eckhart Tolles book, The Power of Now. In this book he continuously talks about being present and how this can liberate us from any type of suffering. For every sentence I read, I had experienced the same thing through meditating. It was wonderful to read about his experiences and realize that we all can feel this. He talks about how our minds and thoughts distort was really is, that our thoughts are mostly judgements and reactive to that which is external. He speaks of us identifying ourselves with our mind, our thoughts, that it is so very common to do so but that there is a deeper state of being. This deeper state of being is who we are. I have during meditation felt this, and more strongly felt who I am. The benefit being that I experience more flow in life because I can more easily feel and know what I want. 

So, the realization that my yoga practice enables me to more strongly feel who I am and what I want, leads me to understand that I want and need yoga and meditation to play an even larger part in my life:)

Just to be clear, for me, yoga and meditation go hand in hand. My best experience of meditating comes after a session of yoga, as the yoga poses prepares the body for stillness. Through the yoga, the movements in sync with the breathing, it is almost impossible not to be fully present in the moment.. To go from that into a peaceful meditation feels very natural. It enables me to benefit more from just being still and present…