What GOD is for me

I have written earlier about what God is for me, and on that note I have something that I would like to add. 

Do you think a baby in her mothers womb understands that there is a loving mother beyond his or her reality who looks out for him/her and sends him/her her love? Probably not. The babys life in the womb is all there is.

As soon as the baby is born though I think he or she will at least feel that there is someone there to give love and nourishment.

You and I might not physically understand that there is an equivalent loving mother that sends us love, and we might not see where this is coming from. We might not understand that this love is a part of us too, but we might see and feel this clearly when we leave this part of our life..

As well as the baby is part of something bigger, so can we be..:)