Trying to control or letting go and embracing the moment?

On my yoga mat today, feeling the inner calm and letting it take more space in me I realized that I offen put a lot of energy and effort in to trying to avoid certain struggles in life. The thought occured to me; what if I just let go of my expectations of that moment and let the situation be, just as it is? It’s there anyway weather I want it to be or not. I felt relieved. I sensed the weight of responsibility lift from my shoulders. The weight of trying to control every living moment, instead of riding with what happens. I came to realize that if I let go and ride out what ever experience it is, then there will be more energy left within me to take whatever action I might need to take. More energy and more space to be creative. Letting go of control, being present in that moment, wether you like it or not, will leave you feeling uplifted with both the energy and courage to make a choice relevant to where you are in that precise moment.