Taking time away together

It’s quite obvious that time for yourself and time with your partner is not something that grows on trees when you have kids. The puzzle you have to make to get the things you need to get done during the week. The planning and the replanning you do to handle whatever may come your way. 

I have just spent a night away with my husband as we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I realized in the car leaving home that we’ve recently spent so little time away together lately that I had forgotten the feeling of just hanging out together. Being. Not doing, not planning, just enjoying each others’ company. 

I believe this time in between the responsibilities of everyday life is the glue that holds us together when the chores of eveyday life sets in. The time that we share here will enable us to more clearly see how we both contribute as a strong team. The power of seeing that we are both unique and strong together sets in.

More time away together is one strong part of building the foundation of which our eveyday lives then can spring from.