Parenthood and a few insights that come with it

Being a parent. Raising a child. The thrill of it, the enourmous joy and love that it brings. And the enormous responsibility that it entails. Our daughter is almost 2 and I have found the most difficult time has been her testing my boundaries. My finding it difficult has everything to to with me, of course. She is just in the usual fase of her development. So why am I struggeling? Because I normally tend to avoid conflict. I want everything to be “just fine”. 

It got to a point where I realized that she is asking for boundaries. When I became more clear with what was ok and not ok, I could almost directly see a differnce in her. I sensed a calmness in her. She saw me. 

I realized that she needs me to show her where the boundaries are just as much as she needs my love.
Showing them to her makes her feel safe and loved. 

This may be a piece of cake for someone else but for me is has definitely been a struggle and it has helped me realize something about me and what I must work on – daring to be in conflict and being OK with it.

Being a mother and working doesn’t give me much time for writing – but be sure – I will post more here!