My own 21-day yoga & meditation challenge

I have decided that I want yoga and meditation to be a larger part of my life. Taking care of our 6 month baby doesn’t leave lots of time for this – but the need for it doesn’t disapear:)

I have now promised myself that
every night before I go to bed I will meditate for at least 10 minutes or do yoga for at least 15 minutes depending on what I feel the need for. 

Why 21 days?
Some say it takes aprox 21 days to form a new habbit. So why not give that myth a try and see how it works for me?

According to this article though
it may take longer to form a new habbit but it feels like a good start and something that I feel I can commit to.

So, welcome to follow me for the next 21 days – I might not write every day, but I promise you I’ll report back when I have something to share, for example what positive effects this challenge might bring to my life.

Day 1
I went to bed early last night as I had a terrible head-ache and felt sick. But I had decided to begin my 21 day challenge so I sat up to meditate…

As I later lay my head on the pillow to sleep my head felt lighter and I was more relaxed. I was reminded of a feeling I have come across before, that I believe we have a place within us where happiness lies. Everyday challenges may make us forget or rather make this place difficult to access – but a few minutes of meditation made me realize that it’s still there. Last night I was reminded what just a few minutes can do and I look forward to seeing where more days of this will lead.