Mindful parenting - the gift of imagination

As many parents with kids might recognize, there are times when we are wondering what to do with your young child who either ignores you completly or just simply refuses all the musts during the morning routine for example. I have always wondered how parents actually manages to take one child to the childcare center with a new born or toddler on their shoulder. During my pregnancy with our second child I had countless struggles with our eldest in the hall before leaving the house. Any parent would recognize the stress you face when trying to get out the door, trying your best not to be one hour late for work. 

One morning I had an epiphany. I don’t know where it came from but I suddenly handled the situation of getting our 3 year old on board this whole getting dressed process differently. I became the sports commentator and challenged my daughter to win the competion of ‘who will dress the quickest and stand by the door ready to go?’ As she keenly started to dress my sports commentator voice urged her on, telling the audience (this case her younger sister) that she was way ahead of mom and most likely to win. Before I was able to blink she was standing ready to go with a huge smile on her face. This has been one of my tricks when getting her to brush her teeth, get her pjs on etc.. you get the drift. 

I realized I had it in me to shift my focus from a stressed response including yelling and complaining that we didn’t have enough time etc to actually having fun. 

Making time for meditating during the day helps me sense when I start to feel the stress building up. Instead of lashing out
I more easily can stop myself in my tracks and ask myself – how stressed do I really have to be? Do we have to leave this minute? Am I ok with being a little late? 

A daily form of meditation lets me be more of the mother I want to be. It opens up for more space in the day to make different choices. Choices that have a much better outcome and leaves me a lot more at ease with the small challenges we face everyday as parents.