If you need to rewind & stress down, I believe meditation can help

I have not meditated enough lately, I can feel it. I read an old post on my tumblr blog that I would like to re-post as a reminder to both myself and to you. 

I believe you can sit quietly and meditate or meditate while living, in other words, experiencing fully the moment you are in.

Here it is;

The past week I have for some reason not felt ‘at ease’ and I realised today that it was because I’ve been thinking to much instead of letting myself experience the moment. You will increase the quality of your whole life if you focus on what you are doing right now. You will quiet and calm your mind, which enables you to see things and situations for what they truly are. If you quieten your thoughts you will be able to take in the environment around just as it is and you’ll be able to experience the moment with all your senses. If you continue to live all your moments this way, don’t you think you will experience more from every minute, every day? You’ll have more to smile for and more stories to share with those around you. Your moments will be enriched and so will your life.

When you quite your mind, you not only experience more but making decisions will be easier as you are in a better position to assess the situation you are in. This will enable you to make the right choices for YOU.

Also, when focusing on WHAT you are doing, WHEN you are doing it, you will realize you have more energy for all the lovely experiences lying ahead of you.

So stay focused and really see and feel the world infront of you:-)