Good enough

Being a parent to a strong willed young one, whilst breastfeeding her younger sister who doesn’t yet have any interest at all at taking the bottle is tough. Our eldest is frequently mad at me. I really do understand where it’s coming from but emotionally I hurt every time. I ask myself; how can I handle this mindfully? 

During my mindfulnesstraining I realized I am continuously way too hard on myself, wanting to be 100% perfect in all I set out to do. My being too hard on myself became evident during a meditation session when my shoulders began to ache. Talking about the ache in the group afterwards was what made me realize what my body was trying to tell me. The ache symbolized the pressure I put on myself to be good at everything. Amazed that my body was trying to tell me this I realized then that I am OK just as I am. All I am trying to do and already doing is good enough. I am good enough. I felt the ache in my shoulders lighten. 

When handling melt downs with our eldest I need to remind myself not to take it personally. Being hard on myself doesn’t help anyone. Allowing myself to feel frustrated or sad and then doing what I can to let go. A mindfull morning run helps me to do just that. Taking time to be mindfull helps me in between the everyday battles at home.