Flow - a most magical experience

After a couple of weeks of not being on my yoga mat, the experience of breathing while moving my body is liberating. My mind lets go.. of just about everything.. and left is a sense of pure well-being. Not the slightest worry, thoughts come and go. None of them getting a grip om me. It’s as though I, through being present with my breath and my body, become aware that I am more than my thoughts. There is something so much greater that reveals itself. That experience is truly magical and is what pulls me back to the mat every time. 

Worth mentioning is that this experience is not something I can force, it is not something I can feel if I expect it to come. It only arrives naturally with my presence in the moment. When my thinking slows down and I let my being take over. 

I realized a while back while experiencing this takeover of my mind that to experince flow in life in general is the exact same thing, it can not be forced, it can not be experienced if you are too busy being bossed around by your own mind. All that I accomplish that is truly meaningful to me can only stem from the present moment. Willfully pushing in a direction I think is right does not necessarily get me where I want to be. Being flexible and adjusting to what life offers instead will open up for surprises. The challenges you face and the experiences you have is something to learn from. And grow from. 

Jon Kabat-Zinn describes this so well in his book, Full Catastrophe living where he metaphorically talks about the sailor who is experiencing strong winds. The sailor adapts his route depending on the weather. He would be foolish to sail right in to the wind as he would not be able to get to his desired destination. He instead works with the wind and uses its force to continue. Adapting to and reading the weather conditions is what makes him a good sailor. 

This is how I choose to see the everyday struggles that we call challenges in life. Bringing awareness to the situations will enable us to work with them in order for them to work for our advantage. I believe we can only be truly successful at something if we are fully present, and that the experience of flow will only be felt during that presence. I also believe that the effects that we desire, certain outcomes will only arise from that presence. With awareness comes effects you didn’t think were possible.