Day 10 of my own 21 day yoga & meditation challenge

During the past 10 days I have meditaded or done yoga every night. I have realized that I do have time, it’s all about making priorities. I prefer spending time on my yoga mat. Moving, streching, breathing. It liberates me. I feel I become more of my authentic self through ridding my body from negative thought patterns or negative energy. It’s as though the yoga poses and the breathing combined cleanses and purifies my body and mind. And left – is just me. A stronger sense of what is right and wrong. A strong sensation that if there is anything in my life that needs sorting – it’ll be clearer as to what I have to do – what my next step is. After spending time on the yoga mat I become more of the person that I am at the core – and more of the person that I want to be at the same time. A happier self that I feel contributes more positively to the world around me.
I am, as you might have noticed, quite happy to continue my 21-day meditation and yoga challenge.