Challenges - a part of life

This post touches on my previous one about letting go of control. Not practicing formal meditation is also practising if you are aware of how you feel during say for example when you find yourself in what you experience as stressfull events.

The days where I have not practised yoga or formal mediatation, I can feel the tension in my body arise at times where I otherwise easily could have brushed it away if I had meditated or done yoga that same day.

If I am aware that I am not aware…then I am still being mindful.. but that takes practise. This is also something Jon Kabat-Zinn writes about in “Full Castatrophy Living”. 

When returning to my yoga mat after not having been on it for a couple of days I usually notice the difference immediately, that I have not had the same resources to deal with certain events. When doing yoga on a daily basis or every other day, events that could be experienced as stressful are not. 

Being in that flow that yoga gives me is something I need and want so much that when I don’t feel it and things tend to
“not go as planned” I feel frustrated. With 2 kids, not a lot goes as planned, so you can imagine how many times a day it is possible to feel this frustration. 

But what I have come to acknowledge is that the frustration and loss of control is a part of our life, and not meant to be eliminated entirely. What yoga and meditation instead can offer is a chance to handle these challenges more easily but not to eliminate challenging situations altogether. 

So my lesson from these last couple of weeks is that I will always encounter events and obstacles that I can not control, that these are among other things a lesson in themselves and a part of life, there to experience fully, not to be pushed away.