Being authentic

I must say, after coming out in the open for real on the internet ie Facebook & comments and all,  I am a little nervous about publishing posts.. Up until now I have been able to write without thinking too much about what you, my reader, might think and say. I realised that it will be continuously important to continue to write from my heart and not to let my worry about your reflections steer my path too much.

Being authentic is important to me.

I believe that enables others to be open and honest in return. When seated opposite someone in a conversation, I believe it is as important to be there a 100 percent, as it is to try and meet the other person and see life from their shoes.  What are their needs, what’s their situation?

Whether you are trying to help that person or trying to make that person see your own perspective you must meet him/her where they are.

I believe that if you do this your conversation will be richer and you will feel more content in general.

Everyone has their story, their struggles and their needs they feel have to be met.