Are you taking responsibility for your situation in life?

During the past year at work my biggest lesson learnt is that of responsibility. I have acknowledged this by seeing first hand how many of us tend to blame others or circumstances outside of our control, and by speaking about this with my co-workers I have come to realize that there is so much we ourselves can control, if we take control over our own feelings and how we handle a certain situation. By doing that we take responsibility for the outcome of the events of our lives. 

What can you yourself do to change a specific situation? Have you tried or are you too busy thinking what others around you should or should’nt be doing?

If something happens to you that you find discomforting or makes you insecure, how are you dealing with it? Are you the victim? Or can you adjust your attitude and you yourself be the leader over how you handle the situation? 

Think about this, to take control over how you respond to what happens around you will make you feel more confident. 

If something isn’t going as you hoped, take a while to consider what actions you yourself can do to make your situation just a little better.

I believe that if we all tried to do this more often, we would appreciate our surroundings much more and become happier as a result.