A peaceful summer morning

Had a lovely morning the other day. Rose early and grabbed my yoga mat and headed outside in to the morning light. The air was warm and clear and smelt of grass and salt from the ocean. With the rays of sun on my body I started to perform yoga. Breathing in the present moment, streching and working my body. 

The birds sang a lovely song and the calmness of the morning gave me strength. But I also realized that even though the morning had a calm atmosphere, the garden around me had a vibrant tone where life in the form of butterflies and birds were awakening and buzzing to life. 

It was my first yoga practise outdoors. And lets just say I have a strong feeling that it wont be my last..

I read about a yoga teacher training course this morning and realized; this is my next step.. My next step in my own personal development and spiritual journey. 

Wishing you a lovely summer morning.