What if?

What if we asked ourselves the question “what if” more often? This guy, a genius by the way, never stops asking this question and by so doing helps humanity by revolutionizing the way we think and the way we live. He is currently developing technology I would like to call mind- boggeling;) 

Posing ourselves this question I believe we expand our awareness of the situation at hand and enable more possibilites to choose from. Try asking the questions: Does it have to be like this? Can I shift my point of view and see this from another perspective? 

Sometimes we are so fixed in our ways that we don’ t stop to
consider that there might be multiple ways forward. Try letting go and opening up for the idea that there might be other ways forward, and by so doing increasing the opportunity for other solutions to spring from that. What if you find another solution you at first wouldn’t have dreamt could be possible? What if?