What I do and why

I recently opened a letter I wrote to myself during the end of a course in mindfulness. The letter writing is a lovely exercise that is part of the process of getting to know yourself. It brings about clarity, and an opportunity to remind ourselves of what is most important to us. 

I wrote;

In this moment I am aware of the fact that I want to get everything ‘right’, especially in my role as a mother but also with InConnection. I want to practice letting go of that thought, letting go of that urge to try to get everything right. I want to give more attention to my being present in the moment and from that space tune in to what I feel and need. From there know what action to take. What does my inner voice tell me?

Remember to give myself time every evening and every morning to tune in to my body and set an intention. Remember to tune in to being me and letting go of thoughts that aren’t helpful. 

I want to inspire others by my own presence in the moment.

I want to inspire others to want to explore themselves for an increase in self-awareness.
So that they too can feel and truly experience the trust we all carry inside. 

Thanks Anna for all the time you give yourself in this field. Don’t ever stop.

Reading this a smile spread across my lips – realizing again what I am doing and why I am doing it. 

Enjoy your day and
Lots of love