The opportunity to inspire

I have experienced a lot of joy the last couple of weeks, but as life is, there are also feelings of confusion, inadequacy, a sense of stress sneaking up from time to time…

The feeling of joy has been directly linked to my deciding to work full time with InConnection. On my way to my first event this year on the 5th of February the feeling of happiness spread to all cells of my body, and I experienced an enormous sense of calm. Ease. Light-hearted. The word describing my experience was nothing short of FLOW. I realized that I am doing this right now. Right now I am working with something that has always been on my ”something to do in the future’’ list. Right now I am giving myself the opportunity to work with my dream. Enabling myself to indulge in personal development every day. Enabling myself to continue my own personal development every day. Enabling others to learn more about themselves, every day. Right now, I am doing what I truly believe in, and for that I am immensely grateful. 

My course in mindfulness with the Swedish name Training in conscious awareness & presence, started on the 9th of February, and sitting there with my group I again realized that there is a great need out there for tools to handle every day challenges that eventually lead to stress. There is a need for us all to take time in stillness to evaluate what we have, what we are grateful for, but mostly to just realize what state we are in and what next step is right for us.

For I believe we all have that capacity within us to know what is right and wrong and what ways forward we need.

Through presence we are able to listen both inward but also to see and to take in our surroundings. 

Through presence we can find and see our own vulnerabilities. When we allow ourselves to feel them and dare to express them to ourselves but also to our loved ones – we are being authentic. And with authenticity comes a healthier lifestyle. 

My own vulnerability has become very evident during the past couple of weeks. Wanting so much to ‘make it’. Feeling fear of failure luring. Noticing it. Becoming aware. Knowing that these are all part of my journey. Seeing them and accepting them. Letting them be there with me, fully. It is only then that they can become my strength. 

So together with the joy I feel, I also welcome you fear, I welcome you worry, I wecome you confusion, because I know that you will always be there, underneath, as part of who I am. Being just me. 

I would like to thank you all out there for being with me on this wonderful journey, my family and friends, my therapist (an extra thanks for making me see what was already there) and my course participants for enabling me to continue to learn and grow and for giving me the opportunity to inspire. 

Lots of love