Slow down and cherish this moment

Take a chance this christmas to slow down your pace. You’ve probably been all over the place these past couple of weeks to get everything done in time for celebrations. Have you had time to acknowledge and see your surroundings whilst you’ve been shopping or have you been one step ahead all the time planning what to to next? Now that you have a couple of days off, try being with your loved ones, try to really see them, laugh with them, be playful, take time to listen. For those of you who have children, be attentive to your childrens wishes & needs. Take time to feel their presence. When they feel your presence is there 100% you will notice the dialogue between you shift, it will become more of a dialog between 2 people, not that of a grown up speaking to his or her child. Kneel down and really listen to your kids, I promise you’ll love that moment and cherish it for a very long time.

Again, happy holidays!