Being and not doing for a minute

After having spent many hours the passed couple of weeks listening inwards I’ve been able to get past the minds usual habitual thinking patterns about how things are “supposed” to be. It always makes sense to me, we all have our inner voice that is trying so hard to make itself heard. Through illness and pain it speaks. Listen inwards and I belive true healing will take place.

As a first step to begin your own journey, try this mini meditation for only 1 minute;

Sit comfortably
Focus your attention on any sensations in your body
Tune in to those sensations, pick one.
Be there fully. Breath in and out to that sensation.
Can you be there without thinking about it?
What does it feel like? Hot or cold or a tingeling feeling?
Notice what kind of thoughts you have. Let them come and go. Accept them.
Then again focus your attention to your body.
Feel your whole body.

Thank yourself for giving yourself this minute of being and not doing!