A theory of change & uncertainty & merry christmas to all!

A thought that you can take with you in these days spent with your close ones, where we all wish to spend joyful times as much as possible, but sometimes we just feel a little uncertain.

Claes Janssen has a theory of change where he explains that we all move from contentment to denial which is a defense of the old, then through confusion which ends when we give up the old that we have held on to. The giving up is then the turning point making us open to new possibilities and opportunities, where we move on to the phase of renewal or inspiration. 

I have seen this cycle in myself in periods of my life but also from day to day. My take on this theory is that it is a natural cycle that must be experienced in order for us learn and develop. They are all a part of us evolving. Accept this and it will be easier for you to feel more at ease in confusion & uncertainty.

Merry christmas to all!