Nothing is constant - only change is

I wrote in my diary the other day, that I was afraid that nothing is constant. In every aspect of our lives, things are constantly changing. Even more so when we make a huge decision to start our own business, and that in itself brings about change in ways I hadn´t imagined possible, within myself and thus spreading to those around me.

When faced with new situations it is natural to hold on to what is safe, holding on to what is familiar, feeling that sense of security. Being brave is to realize that we need to step out of that comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar. And keeping that in mind we can also learn to see every new situation as a possibility to explore ourselves and get to know new people that hadn’t been possible had we stayed with the familiar.

I am a product of all my experiences, of my past, but I am also constantly forming and evolving. I can choose to see every moment as a new possibility to be, to experience and to create. To take in new possibilities and opportunities. All of which are parts forming me again and again.

It is only when we truly accept that everything is changing around us, ourselves, our partners, our children, that we can relax in to it, see that things are changing wether we like it or not. If we hold on too tightly to what has been, we are trying to control a situation that we can´t, keeping tension and frustration inside of us. Fear comes from holding on to the past and not accepting change. Letting go of our need to control will aid us in uncertainty. Accepting that everything is changing will bring about a sense of calm.

If you have an anchor to hold on to this helps, it can be your breath, or your body, realizing that although things around you are changing, you are here right now, in the midst of it, breathing and being.

If you need to, hold on to that, and with a beginners mind, with curiosity engage in your surroundings, see the changes within you and around you, be with them, accept them and ease will follow.